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NEW Stylies ANTARES - Probably the best AIRWASHER in the world!

The new ANTARES airwasher and humidifier 2 in 1 solution is one of the most powerful performer we've ever developed. This thanks to the new and unique patented DAST (direct air stream) technology for highest efficiency and performance.

But not only the performance of ANTARES is remarkable, also the operation of clever functions are outstanding;
- five output levels with "night" mode
- ultra quiet in operation
- base part is dishwasher save and easy to clean
- 2 in 1 solution, airwasher, humidifier and air refreshener
- integrated aroma box
- low power consumption
- ambient light with status indication

Antares will turn your home to a recovery zone!

Comming soon - stay tuned

Designed by Swiss product developer Fabian Zimmerli.

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