Personal commitment with professional know-how


Our network is based on our market experience in distribution and marketing.

We cultivate (maintain) national as well as international contacts, which we are able to use and benefit from for our customers. 

With our complete solutions we want to achieve the successful launch of your products and innovations. 

We offer you what we ourselves benefit from! 

Professional Sales Agent

Professional Sales Agent

Sales of products and services: Selling is the art of matching product benefits with customer needs or desires. We sell your business offerings by communicating the value of your product or service to your potential customers. We lead the customer through the buying decision and facilitate a satisfying transaction.

Acquisition of new customers: Acquiring new customers may sound simple, but it can be incredibly challenging to find new opportunities in today’s saturated marketplace. We stay up to date and get new customers to keep your sales funnel full.

Taking care of existing customers: We focus on taking care of your existing customers to grow your bottom line.

Editing customer complaints: As simple as it sounds, the first and most important step that needs to be taken when dealing with claims, is to be quiet and listen.

Administrative work: This support includes general office management, answering phone calls, speaking with clients, assisting employees, administrative work (including maintenance and data entering), as well as variety of other tasks.

Distribution solution

Distribution solution

Realization: We analyze the market for your product, offer you the right partners, involve your customers, determine the sales model, prepare the market access and start the offline and online sales.

Warm calling: We deepen your existing business relationships.

Cross Selling: We promote your customer loyalty and increase your sales by additional sales of complementary products or services.

Social Selling: We integrate media tools into your sales department so that your company becomes the first point of contact for potential buyers.



Offline Support: Well placed is almost sold! We offer you to check regularly on the presentation of your products. In doing so, we also check that your products are presented according to the given layout and that your shelves are tidy and fully stocked.

Trouble-free communication: We translate manuals and communication tools in English, French, Italian and Spanish. In addition, we guarantee you faultless, edited texts on all your offline and online channels.

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